Weekend, July 9-10, 2022 – Ambient Americana & Royksopp

Ambient Americana and Royksopp Interview This Weekend on Echoes.

Echoes Ambient Americana

For July 4th week, we take you into twanguility with an Ambient Americana soundscape. It’s country and western distilled though Brian Eno ambiences, but still with that country twang. The fireworks are over, but you can still chill your mind with John Diliberto on an Echoes Ambient Americana Soundscape from PRX.

Some weekend listeners will also plug in to the mushroom cloud of Röyksopp, and discover the meaning of their album, Profound Mysteries. It’s the July CD of the Month. Röyksopp explore electronic pop sounds from ambient to new wave to EDM with guests including Alison Goldfrapp. John Diliberto explores the July CD of the Month, on Echoes from PRX.

Read John Diliberto’s Review of Röyksopp’s Profound Mysteries.