Weekend, Apr 16-17, 2022 – The Royal Arctic Institute Concert

The Royal Arctic Institute Plays Live and Hollan Holmes Talks About Electronic Spacescapes on Echoes,

The Royal Arctic Institute isn’t a science organization, although two of the members are in the medical field. This quintet is creating an atmospheric, guitar-centric sound, like the Ventures gone slowmo and psychedelic. It is a subtly ambient sound with elements of shoegaze, country and more creating an imaginary landscape.  Hear an exclusive live performance with the Royal Arctic Institute on Echoes from PRX.


Hollan Holmes & John Diliberto

Some weekend listeners will also hear from Texas-based artist Hollan Holmes. He paints southern landscapes and rusty artifacts by day, but he heads into electronic space at night, composing music like his CD of the Month, Emerald Waters.

Hollan Holmes: I paint a lot of old rusty things and things of that nature. That doesn’t really come across in my music because things that inspire me in my art are tangible, things that I can see and touch and feel. The things that inspire me in my music are rather intangible.

Hollan Holmes’s album, Emerald Waters was the Echoes February CD of the Month. We find out what’s behind it on Echoes.

Read John Diliberto’s review of Emerald Waters.