Weekend, Feb 12-13, 2022 – Marconi Union Interview

Marconi Union's Ambient Noir: The Echoes Interview

We hear from a true 21st century band when we talk to Marconi Union. The British electronic trio has a new album called Signals that finds them tapping a more rhythmic, drum-driven sound, even though there are no drums. They talk about influences from 60s psychedelia, “but not the prissy stuff” and 70s German rock, and try to hide the mystery of Ilex. Signals was the November Echoes CD of the Month. Tune in Marconi Union on Echoes.  It was it the top 10 of The Best of Echoes 2021 and #1 in The Best Ambient/Electronic Albums of 2021.
Read John Diliberto’s review of Signals

Bob Spitz

Some weekend listeners will also hear an interview with Bob Spitz. It’s a Whole Lotta Love for Led Zeppelin on Echoes when we talk with the author of Led Zeppelin: The Biography. He takes us from poverty to Kashmir, drugs to death and heavy metal to heaven.

Bob Spitz: Look, they were the kings of bad behavior on the road. They brought bad behavior into the spotlight in rock and roll. They made it kind of, you know, this is what you do as a rock and roll artist.

And then there’s the music. We talk about fuzz boxes and fantasy lyrics, sex & drugs, occultists and criminals. It’s all part of Bob Spitz’s book, Led Zeppelin: The Biography, a detailed account of one of rocks most iconic bands. Take a stairway to Bob Spitz and Led Zeppelin.


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