Weekend, May 8-9, 2021 – London Grammar CD of the Month

Our May CD of the Month, London Grammar's Californian Soil

On their third album, Californian Soil, the English trio London Grammar explore themes of love, loss, feminism and America with their lush atmospheres and the intoxicating voice of Hannah Reid. The first single from the album, the title track, was released last October and that was already enough for us to pick it as the May CD of the Month. Each subsequent track revealed the trio had sculpted a beautiful concept album filled with passion and mood. We explore London Grammar’s Californian Soil, our May CD of the Month. Hear it tonight, 5/3/2021.  Read John Diliberto’s review now.

It’s the sound of the spirit when we talk with Shunia, the duo of Lisa Reagan and Suzanne Jackson. The two operatic singers go the atmospheric Kirtan route, turning Hindi chants into serene dream pop on an album produced by Jamshied Sharifi. We talk about being Miss Oklahoma, yoga, and turning down operatic chops to tune in the spirit.

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