Tuesday, Sept 22, 2020 – Echoes Program 2038B

Mike Oldfield's Ommadawn at 45


He’s holding the cover to Tubular Bells in this picture, but many consider Ommadawn to be Mike Oldfield’s masterpiece. composer Mike Oldfield talks about Ommadawn, his two-sided epic from 1975. It’s partly an homage to his mother, who died during the recording, and her Irish roots. We travel to Ommadawn on its 45th anniversary with Mike Oldfield on Echoes  


Tuesday, Sept 22, 2020 – Echoes Program 2038B
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Start Time

Group Name

Song Name

Album Name

First Half Hour

0:01:01 Eden Iris Dark Sunday Dream (David Norland Remix) Dark Sunday Dream
0:06:01 Moya Brennan Purple Haze Signature
0:09:53 Richard Burmer Waking The Icons On The Third Extreme
0:16:29 Moby Morningside All Visible Objects
0:21:44 Liquid Bloom & Tribone Interbeing (Sigil Remix) Interbeing

Second Half Hour

0:30:01 Interview: Mike Oldfield – Return to Ommadawn
0:39:24 Mike Oldfield Ommadawn – Part One Ommadawn

Third Half Hour

1:01:01 Svara Zen Blossoms Caravan of Light
1:06:01 Michael Rother Fierce Wind Blowing Dreaming
1:11:01 Kevin Keller Solana The Front Porch of Heaven
1:16:29 Gracie and Rachel Listen Hello Weakness, You Make Me Strong
1:19:23 Brothertiger Pyre Paradise Lost
1:23:30 Rikaar Deep Spectrum X Deep Spectrum X (single)

Fourth Half Hour

1:30:01 Albaye Cissoko & Volker Goetze Amanke Dionti Amanke Dionti
1:36:25 Popol Vuh Engel Der Gegenwart Coeur de Verre
1:44:40 break    
1:45:30 Mimi Page Even In A Million Pieces Even In A Million Pieces Single
1:48:02 Mercedes Bahleda & Klaus Hillebrecht Tara’s Hymn Sacred Chants to Tara
1:51:45 David Bridie & All India Radio By The Light Of The Stars By The Light Of The Stars

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As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

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