Monday, Oct 5, 2020: Erik Wøllo & Michael Stearns

Erik Wøllo & Michael Stearns Converge: The Echoes Interview

We talk about brain tumors, dreams pandemic and some of the best music of 2020 when we talk with Erik Wøllo and Michael Stearns. Stearns is a legend of electronic music from the 1980s. His album, Planetary Unfolding is a classic. Erik Wøllo isn’t far behind with 5 CD of the Month Picks over the last 30 years. But their first collaboration, Convergence almost got terminated.

Michael Stearns: I took the train down to Berlin to visit a friend for 3-4 days before I came back here. And I had a seizure and they took me to the hospital and discovered a brain tumor, so I was in Berlin for the whole month of March and got the last flight out on United Airlines back to the US.

We talk with Erik Wøllo and Michael Stearns about the trauma and dreams behind their September CD of the Month, Convergence , on Echoes.

Read John Diliberto’s review of Convergence.

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