Friday, June 19, 2020 – Echoes Program 2024E

Echoes Summer Solstice Soundscape

In these Pandemic times you need an Echoes Summer Solstice.  We hit the beginning of summer and the longest day of the year with a soundscape drawn from Aukai, Jake Shimabukuro, Angel Olsen and the man for all seasons, George Winston. John Diliberto has his sunscreen on for an Echoes Summer Solstice Soundscape.

Friday, June 19, 2020 – Echoes Program 2024E
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Start Time

Group Name

Song Name

Album Name

First Half Hour

0:01:01 Will Ackerman Last Day At the Beach Returning
0:06:01 Jake Shimabukuro Summer Rain Jake Shimabukuro Trio
0:09:15 Lana Del Rey Doin’ Time Norman F Rockwell
0:12:31 Anawaty/Russell On the Beach Analog Universe
0:17:14 Cigarettes After Sex Sunsetz Victoria Place : Echoes Live 23 (v/a)
0:20:57 Lanterna Clear Blue Highways
0:25:00 Arborea Wayfaring Summer Wayfaring Summer

Second Half Hour

0:30:01 All India Radio Solstice A Low High
0:33:13 Cari Cari Summer Sun Anaana
0:36:36 yndi halda A Sun-Coloured Shaker A Sun-Coloured Shaker
0:47:23 Erik Wøllo Solstice 1 Solstice
0:51:19 Vonavi Sunburst (feat. Run Rivers) Reflection
0:55:07 American Dollar Wake Up Summer Across the Oceans

Third Half Hour

1:01:01 Odessa Sunshine All Things
1:06:01 Saafi Brothers Frankfurt Beach Supernatural
1:12:18 Angel Olsen Summer All Mirrors
1:16:11 Tangerine Dream Sun Gate Optical Race
1:20:46 Dr. Deep House Summer Rain A Solid State
1:24:26 Carl Weingarten I Remember Summer Life Under Stars

Fourth Half Hour

1:30:01 Paul Winter Icarus Icarus
1:33:15 Aukai Summer Tale Game Trails
1:38:14 Anoushka Shankar The Sun Won’t Set Traces Of You
1:41:44 Todd Boston Touched By The Sun Touched By The Sun
1:48:01 George Winston Summertime Restless Wind
1:53:22 Kool and the Gang Summer Madness Light of Worlds

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As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

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