Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2020 – Echoes Program 2002B

Azam Ali Interview

Iranian singer Azam Ali explores her love of modern electronic music in creating her new album, Phantoms, her first with all-English lyrics. John Diliberto talks to Azam Ali about a sound born from social and political darkness, as well as electronic grooves.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020 – Echoes Program 2002B
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Start Time

Group Name

Song Name

Album Name

First Half Hour

0:01:00 Niyaz Khuda Bowad Yaret The Fourth Light
0:06:00 Benya Barshai Frost Longing In Paradise
0:11:42 Shekina Rose WA HE AH (We are here) WA HE AH (single)
0:15:24 Lana Del Rey California Norman F Rockwell
0:20:19 All India Radio Sonda IV Space
0:24:25 Farao Fragments ‘Till It’s All Forgotten

Second Half Hour

0:30:00 Interview: Azam Ali
0:42:32 Azam Ali Tender Violet Phantoms
0:49:56 Kaya Project The Phoenix Rises Firedance

Third Half Hour

1:01:00 Blackbird Blackbird Collapse Hearts
1:06:00 Nova Soon Lamp Burning Low You Are Alive
1:10:41 SUSS Too Young To Die High Line
1:14:18 Dreaming Of Ghosts The First One Dreaming Of Ghosts
1:17:23 Azure Ray Scattered Like Leaves As Above So Below
1:20:58 Darshan Ambient City of the Seven Hymns A Day Like Any Other

Fourth Half Hour

1:30:00 Fabrizio Paterlini Fire Transitions
1:31:14 Yann Tiersen Koad (Featuring Olavur Jakupsson) [Portrait Version] Portrait
1:35:56 Hans Christian Spyres Of Desires After The Fall
1:42:03 Polica Forget Me Now When We Stay Alive
1:45:28 Steve Hackett Shadow Of The Hierophant Voyage Of The Acolyte

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As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

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