Monday, Jan 20, 2020: All India Radio Interview

All India Radio's Progressive Rock for the Chill Generation

Martin Kennedy All India RadioAll India Radio’s latest missive from Australia, Eternal, opens with a robot voice giving the exhortation, “Let’s Dance.” But this ain’t no party.  It’s a space music opus influenced by Pink Floyd and early electronic music. All India Radio’s Martin Kennedy use’s samples from a bad 1962 Sci-Fi Film, The Creation of Humanoids, to tie together a retro-futuristic album.

Martin Kennedy: It’s a really boring film.  It’s just a bunch of people talking in a room for most of it, but some of the dialogue was just nuts.  It was really out there.  So I just sampled some of it.

All India Radio’s Eternal is definitely not boring, It was the Echoes CD of the Month for December 2019 and his previous album, Space earned the same honor in 2018. Hear Martin Kennedy talk about his space rock opuses on Echoes.

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