Echoes November 2019 Top 25: Rise Ascends to the Top

Echoes Top 25 for November 2019

ECHOES November 2019 Top 25

      1. RiseStrangers (Wise Queen) Apple iTunes
      2. Jill HaleyThe Winds of Badlands (Coranglais) Apple iTunes
      3. SUSSHigh Line (Northern Spy)
      4. Lana del ReyNorman Rockwell (Interscope) Apple iTunes
      5. NeulandNeuland (Neuland) Apple iTunes
      6. Suzanne Teng & Gilbert Levy Autumn Monsoon (Autumn Light Productions)
      7. BluetechHolotrope (Behind the Sky)Apple iTunes
      8. Chromatics – Closer To Grey (Italians Do It Better)Apple iTunes
      9. Odessa – All Things (Odessa) Apple iTunes
      10. Colin Rayment – Transitional States
      11. Trentemoller – Obverse (In My Room) Apple iTunes
      12. Vonavi – Reflection (61seconds records) Apple iTunes
      13. Anna MeredithFIBS (Moshi Moshi)Apple iTunes
      14. All India RadioEternal (Martin L Kennedy)Apple iTunes
      15. Simrit Kaur – When We Return (Simrit Kaur)
      16. Agnes Obel – Myopia (Blue Note) Apple iTunes
      17. VoxfireFontis (CD Baby) Apple iTunes
      18. William Ryan Fritch – Deceptive Cadence (Lost Tribe)Apple iTunes
      19. Bruce Cockburn – Crowing Ignites (True North)Apple iTunes
      20. Weyes Blood – Rough Trade Sessions (Sub Pop Records) Apple iTunes
      21. HugarVarÞa (Sony) Apple iTunes
      22. Richard Souther – Within the Frame (Northersouth Music) Apple iTunes
      23. Azam AliPhantoms (Terrestrial Lane Productions) Apple iTunes
      24. Cigarettes After SexCry (PTKF) Apple iTunes
      25. Kevin Keller12:25

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