Suzanne Ciani, performing Live On Echoes

Suzanne Ciani

Suzanne Ciani was a leading figure in New Age music with albums like Velocity of Love and Pianissimo. But behind her sweet, classically-derived melodies was an avant-gardist who came of age with the Buchla modular synthesizer in the 1970s. She’s returned to that instrument in recent years and found her career reborn. She comes in to play a set that’s half solo piano and half Buchla 200E improvisation. Her electronic piece for the Buchla synthesizer from this performance appears on our album, Victoria Place: Echoes Live 23Now you can hear the whole concert right here.

0:00:00 In concert: Suzanne Ciani
0:02:20 Suzanne Ciani Terra Mesa (live) History of My Heart
0:06:07 Suzanne Ciani The Velocity of Love (live) The Velocity of Love
0:10:14 Suzanne Ciani Rain (Live) Pianissimo
0:15:55 Suzanne Ciani Buchla Improv (Live) Victoria Place – Echoes Live 23

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