Aphex Twin’s T69 Collapse Video

Aphex Twin Releases T69 Collapse Video

Aphex Twin has dropped a new single “T69 Collapse” with a frenetic video to match its spasmodic electronic percussion drive. The images are digital manipulations morphing and shifting with stroboscopic changes. ASCII text streams feverishly across the screen, looking like the Matrix digital feed, too fast to read, but if you freeze the frame they are actually sentences that seem to chart the course of the song and the interactions between Aphex and the video producers, Weirdcore. They include lines that say, “I’m inl 3ʘve asci vʘisual” and “the bass bit kicks in.” Rapidly cut and mutating images include building facades, circuits, solenoids, and faces emerging out of digital rocks. The digital architecture eventually morphs into a meditative phase of abstract designs moving in liquid motion. “T69 Collapse” has the nervous amphetamine energy typical of most of Aphex’s later output. You feel like you’ve been bounced through a pinball machine at hyperspeed.

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