Echoes July Top 25: All India Radio at the Top

Echoes Top 25 for July: All India Radio in Top Space

for July 2018

Spotify Playlist at End

  1. Talitha Rise - An abandoned orchid House coverAll India RadioSpace (All India Radio)Apple iTunes
  2. Talitha RiseAn Abandoned Orchid House (Coven Tree Records)Apple iTunes
  3. KlangweltThe Incident (Spheric Music)Apple iTunes
  4. Olafur ArnaldsRE: Member (Mecury KX) Apple iTunes
  5. Tom CaufieldDeep Cuts From The Moral Wilderness (Bohemian Embassy)Apple iTunes
  6. Carl WeingartenThis Is Where I Found You (Multiphase Records)
  7. Thomas Bartlett & Nico MuhlyPeter Pears: Balinese Ceremonial Music (Nonesuch)Apple iTunes
  8. Ray LaMontagnePart Of The Light (RCA)Apple iTunes
  9. Liminal DrifterThe Dreams (Hidden Shoal) Apple iTunes
  10. Gold LoungeFloating (Sine Music)Apple iTunes
  11. Mark Holland/Sherry FinzerSomewhere New (HeartDance Records)Apple iTunes
  12. VariousAlpha Seeds (AstroPilot Music) Apple iTunes
  13. AeseaesSix Songs (Aesaes) Apple iTunes
  14. Chad LawsonRe: Piano (Hillset Records)Apple iTunes
  15. Kaya ProjectUp from the Dust (Tribal Shift Records)Apple iTunes
  16. Half Waifform a (Cascine)Apple iTunes
  17. Warren HarrisonNeither Yesterday Nor Tomorrow (Harrison Skydeck) Apple iTunes
  18. MobyEverything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt (The East West Sessions) (MUTE)Apple iTunes
  19. The Mystery Of The Bulgarian VoicesBooCheeMish (Prophecy)Apple iTunes
  20. Echo SeasonPeriphery (Synphaera) Apple iTunes
  21. The OrbNo Sounds Are Out Of Bounds (Cooking Vinyl) Apple iTunes
  22. Neko CaseHell-On (Anti/Epitaph) Apple iTunes
  23. Jon HassellListening to Pictures (Ndeya)Apple iTunes
  24. Beach House 7 (Sub Pop Records)Apple iTunes
  25. Erik ScottA Trick Of The Wind (Erik Scott)Apple iTunes

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