New Video from Cold Specks for “Wild Card”

Moby Chanteuse, Cold Specks Creates Lo-Fi Soul on New video for "Wild Card."

Cold SpecksCold Specks was one of the haunting voices that brought me back to Moby with her performances on his 2009 album, Wait For Me and then Destroyed and Innocents.  She’s recorded a couple of solo albums, but her latest, Fool Paradise is her best yet. She taps into a low-key electronic sound and mixes it with a slow flow soul vibe that perfectly matches her sultry, slightly intoxicated voice. The sound is decidedly lo-fi, often reminding me of old Casio VL-Tone synthesizers. Cold Specks is the performance name of Ladan Hussein, born in Canada of parents from Somalia. She tapped into their difficult live in that strife-torn country using old recordings of Somalian musicians and voices to form the basis of Fool Paradise. The video for “Wild Card” reflects that sound, shot in shadows and muted, hazy shades of purple with scratchy VHS images of Somali singers and ending with a Somalian sunset. Cold Specks will be touring the US in November.

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