Tor’s Seductive “Days Gone” Turns into Paranoid Video

Tor's Future Paranoia in New Video for Days Gone

Lovers watching DronesI’m always up for a good excuse to hear Tor’s “Days Gone” from his 2016 album, Blue Book It made my Top Ten Songs of 2016 list. Tor has just released a remix album, Blue Book Remixed including reimaginings by Nym and Edamame. Now Tor has a new video for it, a live action film of technological surveillance. The story follows a man 20 minutes into the future whose every move is being tracked until he finds a way to go invisible, but with consequences. The song drives the imagery. It is almost all hook, a simple four-word phrase, “Two days are gone, ah, ah, ah ah” that is stuttered, cracked and delayed through an insistent, downtempo electronic groove that is a counterpart to the characters fear. Remember, it’s not paranoia if they are really watching you.

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