New Music Video from Black Asteroid ft. Zola Jesus “Howl”

Black Asteroid releases dynamic new video for "Howl" featuring Zola Jesus

Black Asteroid, or Bryan Black, has released his latest single, “Howl“, along with a music video that will be on his upcoming album, “Thrust”. The video begins with a shot of white glaciers with rushing waters as a pounding, Deep House beat takes over. Suddenly, Zola Jesus makes her appearance with her stunningly haunting, yet beautiful vocals. The video viciously switches between shots of Jesus unnaturally swaying behind a black backdrop and psychedelic visions of these Icelandic glaciers. This creates a harsh, jagged vibe a lot like the demon segments of The Ring that sets you on edge. As the beat builds towards its climax, these harsh transitions become more rapid and unnerving. Sounds of strident, electronic static is added on top of the head-banging beat and Jesus’ melodic moaning. This highlights the advanced overlapping skills and complexity that Black Asteroid is capable of. The beat builds relentlessly refusing any respite. Jesus’ vocals in this video hypnotize and captivate lodging themselves in your head for days to come. “Howl” is the featured single off of Black Asteroids forthcoming album, “Thrust”, which is set to release July 14th via Last Gang Records.

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