Moby Hits the Dance Floor Again

After several albums of introspective, rustic electronica melancholy, Moby returns to the dance floor in nearly full force with the Void Pacific Choir.Moby-lookRIght-Cropped-300 Earlier they released the rocking, overdrive punk of The Lights Clear in My Eyes.  Now there’s the dance floor anthem, “Almost Loved.” There’s no info, only this quote:   “Normally when people refer to a void, it’s a big, dark, scary, thing – the dark, malicious, Nietzschean void, where if you stare too long into the it, it stares back into you. But we like the paradox of a pacific, peaceful void – a benign emptiness.” It’s interesting he’d come up with that concept to match some of his most aggressive music in years. But that’s what I love about Moby. He never meets an expectation he didn’t agree too. There is a path he sees and he follows it.  Note that “Almost Loved” shares a bit of the sequencer energy of his collaboration with Jean-Michel Jarre from Electronica 1: The Time Machine. Here’s “Almost Loved” below.


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