Jean-Michel Jarre in the Echoes Podcast

Listen to the Jean Michel Jarre interview above, or download it from iTunes.

Legendary French electronic musician Jean-Michel Jarre has his first album in 8 years and perhaps his best since 1984’s Zoolook. Jarre is renowned for his best-selling debut Oxygene in 1976.

Jarre-HeadhsotThe son of famed film composer Maurice Jarre and a student of French musique concrete pioneer Pierre Schaeffer, Jarre is steeped in the lineage of electronic music. So on his new album, Electronica 1: The Time Machine, he creates his own trip through electronic history, collaborating with contemporaries like Tangerine Dream, electronica artists M83, Moby, Massive Attack and Air and techno artist Armin Van Buren. In an exclusive interview, Jean-Michel Jarre plugs us in to an electronic history lesson.

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