New Music by Green Isac Orchestra

Green Isac Orchestra's Emmesity Video

Green Isac is a Norwegian duo that blends acoustic instruments from around the world, but turns them into electronic landscapes that are both evocative and organic. Their name has the air of Nordic mythology but it actually comes from a song by an obscure rock group called Prefab Sprout. Morten Lund and Andreas Eriksen are the core members of the band which now calls itself the Green Isac Orchestra with the addition of other musicians.
GreenIsac-PercussionLund and Eriksen have been on the Norwegian music scene for years. Eriksen had played with the group Bel Canto when they descended into Oslo from Tromsø, north of the Arctic Circle. He and Lund got together in the 1980s and released their debut, Strings & Pottery in 1990. Their slogan is “Where ethnic percussion meets vintage synths, where bowed strings meet pottery” and they call their sound Etnotronica (as in Ethnotronica). Their music sounds like the lost sound of an ancient race from another planet and they have been favorites on Echoes from the beginning.

They finally have a new album, just called Green Isac Orchestra and they’ve released a new video for the lead song, “Emmesity.” It mixes abstract images of fluorescent lights and crawling creatures along with footage of the band in the studio that is pretty cool. Look to hear this alot on Echoes.



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