Friday October 31st-Echoes Program 1444E

 An Echoes Halloween
Welcome to the Terror Dome. We take you to the dark side of Echoes with a soundscape full of ghosts, spirits, and musical bumps in the night.

Friday October 31st
Echoes Program 1444E
Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name
First Half Hour
0:01:00  Loreena McKennitt  All Soul’s Night  The Visit 
0:06:00  Carolyn Currie  Ghosts  Kiss of Ghosts 
0:10:12  Raygun Ballet  Coquette Automata (The Molecule Mix)   World That Wasn’t CD Baby
0:13:16  Witchcraft  We Rest  As I Hide 
0:17:00  Mark Shreeve  The Stand  Legion 
0:22:20  Alu  Circus Cosmos  Lobotomy Sessions CD Baby
0:29:00  break   
Second Half Hour
0:30:00  Interview: Alan Howarth 
0:39:16  break   
0:39:31  Alan Howarth   Drive to Santa Mira  Halloween 3 (OST) 
0:41:55  Juliette Commagere  Vampire  Human 
0:44:51  White Noise  The Visitations  An Electric Storm 
0:54:55  Philip Selway  Ghosts  Weatherhouse 
0:59:00  break   
Third Half Hour
0:01:00  Hungry Lucy  Pulse of the Earth  Pulse of the Earth 
0:06:00  Julianna Barwick  The Harbinger  Nepenthe 
0:11:25  Agnes Obel  The Curse  Aventine 
0:17:06  Loungeclash  Ghost Ship  Dread Time Story 
0:21:15  Orenda Fink  Darkling  Blue Dream 
0:24:32  Loner  Supernatural  Western Sci Fi 
0:29:00  break   
Fourth Half Hour
0:30:00  Russel Walder  Ghost Dance  Bruce Lipton’s Music for a Shift in Consciousness 
0:35:45  Ultimate Spinach  The Ballad of the Hip Death Goddess   Ultimate Spinach 
0:43:55  Mary Fahl  Exiles (The Wolves of Midwinter) Ricochets: The Echoes Living Room Concerts Vol. 20 CD Baby
0:48:31  break   
0:49:16  Mark Snow  The X-Files Main Theme  The Truth and the Light: Music from the X-Files 
0:52:35  Richard Bone  Bridge of Temporal Stone  The Ghosts of Hanton Village 



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