Mark McGuire’s Progressive Reinvention

Mark McGuire's Prog-Rock Roots and Metaphysical Designs.

If you thought Toto had taken over Mike Oldfield’s body on his recent album, Man on the Rocks, then you should hear Mark McGuire’s Along the Way.  Every time I put it on I feel like I’m taking a trip into the future via my past.  Elements of the 1970s progressive rock music I love from Popol Vuh, Ash Ra Tempel, Mike Oldfield and Jade Warrior emerge in his music.  But Mark McGuire isn’t recreating this sound so much as reinventing it for his own vocabulary.   He was formerly in Emeralds, an electronic band with deep echoes of German space music but on his own, he’s made a statement recording that goes beyond that.  It was the Echoes CD of the Month for March and you can read a review and listen to tracks from it here.

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