Shambhu Brings Windham Hill Sound to Echoes Tonight

Guitarist Shambhu Plays Live on Echoes Tonight.

Shambhu, Premik Tubbs, Eugene Friesen on Echoes

Shambhu, Premik Tubbs, Eugene Friesen on Echoes

Windham Hill Records hasn’t been around for many years, but their influence remains strong.  Today, we’ll hear from another guitar player whose music was shaped by the recordings of Will Ackerman and Alex De GrassiShambhu is one of those musicians. In fact, Windham Hill founder Will Ackerman produced his album, Dreaming of Now.  His actual name is Neil Vineberg but he uses Shambhu as his stage name, which was given to him by spiritual Dreaming of Nowleader Sri Chinmoy.  He comes into the Echoes Living Room with famed cellist Eugene Friesen from the Paul Winter Consort and windplayer Premik Tubbs.  They’ll play live tonight on Echoes.
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