Darshan Ambient on Echoes.

Darshan Ambient Talks about Little Things Tonight on Echoes.

Little_Things_CoverIn the days before YouTube, iTunes and most other on-line music sources, Darshan Ambient was a minor star at mp3.com, the renowned legal music download site.  He released his music there and garnered nearly 100,000 listens.  That’s not much in terms of YouTube‘s multi-million-viewer hypes, but it was a lot in the fledgling days of on-line music.    Darshan Ambient outlived mp3 and has released several beautiful albums in the last decade.  His latest is Little Things and it was the Echoes Cd Of The Month in September.  Michael Allison is Darshan Ambient he whispers little things in my ear.

Darshan Ambient:  Growing up with the Beatles and progressive rock, I’m always trying to be progressive with the music that I’m doing and that’s really what I, what I consider myself doing is more progressive music than anything else.  And that could be anything.  Progressive music could have jazz elements, classical rock, you know, that sort of thing.

Hear Darshan Ambient’s interview tonight on Echoes.

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