New Moby, Tired Pony, Cranium Fizz

The Mind Bubbles Tonight on Echoes

InnocentsMoby has a new CD out called Innocents that finds him pursuing the more personal style of song-writing he’s explored on albums like Destroyed  and Wait for Me.  He collaborates with several singers including UK singer, Cold Specks who we’ll hear tonight.  Tired Pony is the semi-supergroup headed up by Gary Lightbody from Snow Patrol and including Peter Buck from REMTired PonyTheir debut album, The Ghost of the Mountain, manages to be a rootsy singer-songwriter album with atmospheric edges and one inexplicable foray into Krautrock.  Krautrock is a definite influence on Richard Bone’s Cranium Fizz.  It’s a 12″ vinyl  EP that comes with a download option from this veteran electronic artist that taps into a different side of retro-space music.  CraniumThe sound hear is more reminiscent of German electronic instrumental pop of La Dusseldorf, Mythos, mid-period Cluster and Kraftwerk as well as 1980s electro-punk of Cabaret Voltaire, The Normal and The Human League.  Tune in to Echoes tonight and get your cranium fizzed.

John Diliberto (((echoes)))

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