The Echoes 20th Anniversary Poll is OPEN

Help us celebrate 20 years of astounding sounds and chilled ambiences by voting in the Echoes 20th Anniversary Poll.
And enter to win an iPod Touch.
You get to pick 20 Icons of Echoes and the Top 200 Echoes Albums.
This could be the biggest poll of Echoes music ever.

Echoes-Logo-Hi-Rez-400Go straight to the poll now, or read more.

For the 20 Icons of Echoes, list your five favorite artists
For the Top 200 Echoes Albums, list your top ten Echoes records

The only caveat: The albums could have been released at anytime, but they must have been played on Echoes sometime in the last 20 years.

We’ll have the results in special Echoes programs in October.

If you need a memory tweak, here are a few places to look.
Essential Echoes:
This link takes you to last year’s top Echoes CDs and at the bottom are links to previous years.

Echoes Listener Polls:
This takes you to last year’s Listener Poll results and at the bottom are links to previous years.

A drawing will be held at the end of voting and the lucky winner will receive an iPod Touch.

This Poll closes midnight, September 30.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on your personal selections here.  I’ll have mine up shortly.


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