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Twilight Archive in the Echoes Podcast

Twilight Archive is a trio of musicians from Southern California exploring an ambient jazz sound. They get together to make a dark, swampy ambient jazz, channeling Miles Davis through Jon Hassell Fourth-World grooves and electronica modes. They talk about their evolution and new album, Mood Chain.

Sun Ra Arkestra Halloween

It seems like an annual ritual in Philadelphia; the descent of the Sun Ra Arkestra on Halloween. This year, it took place in the cramped, balcony wrapped confines of Philadelphia’s Johnny Brenda’s in a show produced by the Ars Nova Workshop. Led by 91 year old Marshall Allen, the band brought the joy.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015-Echoes Program 1542B

Eberhard Weber is the legendary German bassist who created one edge of the ECM sound. He can’t play bass anymore, but guitarist Pat Metheny has orchestrated his bass solos into an epic big band composition. Metheny, vibraphonist Gary Burton, and Eberhard Weber talk about this important musician.