Echoes Podcast: Lane 8 Interview & Ralph Towner 80th

Lane 8's Chilled EDM & Ralph Towners 80th Birthday

We talk to Daniel Goldstein, better known as the electronic artist, Lane 8. He makes a chilled brand of EDM and recently released his album, Brightest Lights with guest vocalists that include Polica and Artic Lights. He calls his sound “dreamy back-rub house music” and bands cameras, including cell-phone cameras, at his concerts.

Daniel Goldstein: No, absolutely no photographs during the show.  I mean that’s, that’s something that we’ve been clear about from the start.

But there’s more than no cameras Lane 8.

Then we celebrate guitarist Ralph Towner’s 80th Birthday. Born on March 1, 1940, Towner hasn’t just been a part of Echoes for 30 years, he and his group Oregon were injected into the original DNA of the show. Tim Hardin, The Paul Winter Consort, ECM records and Oregon are only a few of the situations we’ve heard Towner in as he influenced a few generations of acoustic guitar players. We go back to a great 2006 interview where Towner surveys his career from Woodstock to Oregon and beyond.

  2 comments for “Echoes Podcast: Lane 8 Interview & Ralph Towner 80th

  1. I went to this Podcast to hear from a REAL Music Master – Ralph Towner! I tried to respect the integrity of the program, so I listened to the 1st half -Daniel Goldstein, who was every bit as Boring as his tired, insipid retread Electro-thump pablum. I guess with the name -Goldstein, he’s “connected” enough to keep himself in the public ear! – a waste of 10 minutes of my time. Towner on the other hand, poured more emotion in 3 notes than Goldstein could muster in his lifetime! There is NO Comparison between these two men. One is an Authentic Musician who has a wonderful catalogue of deep compositions, and collaborations. I hope the next time you pair 2 artists, they are evenly matched in Talent!

    • Let me say one thing Mr. Darnell. That real musician, who I know personally, would be appalled at your anti-Semitic statement. I am happy to have wasted 10 minutes of your time.

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