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Enya in the Echoes Podcast

Iconic Irish singer, Enya talks about her new album, Dark Sky Island. It’s her first album of all-new material in 7 years. Many of the familiar Enya sounds are there from the pizzacato strings, vocal choirs and of course, the pure beauty of Enya’s voice. She talks about castles, church and the cosmos.


Celebrate Christmas with the Soundscape of Echoes. On Christmas Eve it’s An Echoes Night Before Christmas On Christmas Day enjoy An Echoes Christmas & Hear An Echoes Celtic Sonic Seasonings on Demand for Free at Echoes On-Line As a special gift to Echoes Listeners you can stream our Celtic Sonic Seasonings show with Moya Brennan…

An Echoes Celtic Sonic Seasonings

Christmas begins today with An Echoes Celtic Sonic Seasonings with Moya Brennan and Jeff Johnson, Brian Dunning and Wendy Goodwin I don’t know how Celtic music came to signify winter, but  slow aires and Celtic harps seem to exemplify a quieter and more atmospheric side of the Winter season.  We’ve dipped into that sound on…