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The Best of 2015…So Far

Robert Rich-Filaments

We pick the Best Echoes CDs of the Year at the halfway point. John Diliberto then runs them down from #25 to number 1. It begins with a band we’ve never heard of before and ends with an Icon of Echoes. We’ll hear from artists who put out signature releases, others reaching for ambitious highs and still others reflecting on very long careers.

Best of Echoes 2014

Best of Echoes 2014

Today we unveil the Best of Echoes 2014. It’s a list that draws from across the Echoes spectrum, revealing the eclectic sound of the show within our framework of chilled moods.

Echoes in the Grammy Awards

Grammy Award Nominees Announced with Several Echoes Artists NominatedCongratulations to Echoes Artists Who Are Nominated for Grammys Several Echoes artist got nominated for Grammys from across the spectrum of categories including Best Alternative Album,. Best Dance/Electronic album, Best Pop Vocal album and more. The New Age category got it as close to right as they’ve…