Echoes Podcast: Immersion’s Colin Newman & Malka Spigel

Nanocluster Fun with Immersion's Colin Newman and Malka Spigel: The Echoes Podcast

Colin Newman is part of the iconic post-punk band Wire. Malka Spigel is from the Israeli group Minimal Compact. Together they record as Immersion.  With their new series of albums, Nanocluster, they work with collaborators, sort of Immersion Plus, and that music is different depending on who they collaborate with. Their new album, Nanocluster Volume 2, with Thor Harris (Swans,Thor & Friends) and Cubzoa, takes them into minimalism and dream pop. These are two musicians who were around 10 years old when the Beatles emerged and changed their lives, but now entering their 70th year, they are as exploratory as ever.

Malka: We’re not only active, probably we are more adventurous and experiment than we ever did. So it’s a matter of, uh, state of mind. And Rather than age, I guess.
Colin: Yeah, I mean, retiring is weird. Retiring is what you do from a job you don’t like.

Colin Newman and Malka Spigel now recording as the electronic duo, Immersion. They have a new album out, Nanocluster Vol. 2. We talk to them in the Echoes Podcast.

Immersion Feature Podcast

Wire – Once Is Enough – 154
Minimal Compact – New Clear Twist – The Figure One Cuts
Immersion – Oscillating Between – Oscillating
Immersion – Not About Me – Nanocluster Vol. 2
Thor and Friends – Dies in Paris4
Immersion – Rotations – Nanocluster Vol. 2
Immersion – The Wizard’s House – Nanocluster Vol. 2
Cubzoa – The Tin Man – The Tin Man
Immersion – As Long As – Nanocluster Vol. 2
Immersion – I’m Barely Here – Nanocluster Vol. 2
Immersion – Other Ways – Nanocluster Vol. 2
Immersion – In The Universe – Nanocluster Vol. 2

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