Monday, June 10, 2024 – Carl Craig Interview

Carl Craig's Revolutionary Art: The Echoes Interview

photo: Carl Craig, at the Big Ears festival, 2024

On the next Echoes a giant of techno music  Carl Craig. His music burst through all the stereotypes of techno to create a more symphonic sound and he’s even had his music played with a symphony. Under many names, he’s been releasing solo music and remixing everyone from Tori Amos to Manuel Göttsching to Depeche Mode. A new documentary, Desire: The Carl Craig Story debuts in June at the Tribeca Film Festival. I had my own conversation with Carl talking about everything from the Sound Gizmo to the sound of Detroit Techno.

Carl Craig:  And what we were doing was we were not trying to make something that sounded like electronic versions of music that was made with instruments. We were really trying to create new soundscapes.

The beat is transformed with Carl Craig on Echoes from PRX.

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