Echoes Podcast: A Trip with Zanias

A Long Psychedelic Trip with Zanias: The Echoes Podcast

Zanias usually sings words, but on her latest album, Ecdysis, she takes inspiration from Dead Can Dance and Lisa Gerrard and as well as hallucinogenics.

I’m just so incredibly fascinated by consciousness and the human mind and everything that it’s capable of. So I had to explore everything that I read about when I was a teenager. And I was actually very young when I first experienced psychedelics. It was in Asia and it was magic mushrooms. And they made me just think in such an interesting way and feel things in such an interesting way.

Zanias was a member of the band Linea Aspera and Keluar, but on her albums Chrysalis and Ecdysis, she makes her own deeply grooved, psychedelic sound that tunnels into your psyche. We trip out with Zanias’ Allison Lewis when we talk to her in the Echoes Podcast from PRX.


Artist – Title – Album
Zanias – Ecdysis – Ecdysis
Zanias – Departure – Chrysalis
Linea Aspera – Malrone – Linea Aspera
Zanias – To the Core – To the Core
Zanias – Swim- Ecdysis
Zanias – Duneskipper- Ecdysis
Dead Can Dance – Echolalia – The Serpent’s Egg
Dead Can Dance – Nierika – Spiritchaser
Zanias – Earthborn – Ecdysis
Zanias – Bloodwood – Ecdysis
Zanias – Lovelife – Ecdysis
Zanias – Habenula – Ecdysis
Zanias – Closing – Chrysalis

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