Weekend, May 4-5, 2024 – CD of the Month & Limina

Echoes May CD of the Month: Seven Conversations from Oster, Downes & Eaton and Limina This Weekend on Echoes

Jeff Oster, Tom Eaton, Vin Downes - Seven Conversations (Credit: Linderpix)

Image Credit: Linderpix

The Echoes May CD of the Month is a collaboration between trumpeter Jeff Oster, guitarist Vin Downes and multi-instrumentalist Tom Eaton. Back in 2017, they came into our studio to play a live, improvised set of ambient music. At the time, and on the spot, they called themselves Departure. You can hear that concert here. It’s taken 7 years, but they have finally released an album, Seven Conversations.  They changed their name, but the music remains the same. Their album, Seven Conversations, is a journey of ambient improvisations and intimate interplay. John Diliberto features it as the May CD of the Month on Echoes from PRX.

Limina (Tyler Durham)

Take Sigur Ros, add in strings and a more classical sensibility and you wind up with Limina. That’s the project of Tyler Durham. He’s a journeyman film composer who creates additional music to accompany scores by Pinar Toprak and James Newton Howard. But Limina is his own expression. He creates his music electronically, but then takes his string and orchestral parts to a real orchestra to perform.  Then he messes with that electronically.  The result is a haunting album called Coming Home, that tells a tale of travel and hidden thoughts. John Diliberto talks to Limina on Echoes from PRX.


Artist – Title – Album
Limina – Expand – Hidden Spaces
Limina – Let It Take You – Coming Home
Limina – Beginnings – Coming Home
N’Sync – Tearin’ Up My Heart – N’Sync
August Burns Read – White Wah – Constellations
Ray Chen – Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto in D, op.35
Sigur Ros – Andvari – Takk
Limina – Where I Am – Coming Home
Limina – Boarding – Coming Home
Limina – Dissolved – Coming Home
Limina -Flows Back – Coming Home
Limina – Sanctum – Coming Home
Limina – We Are Bound – Coming Home


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