Departure Concert Streaming on Echoes

Departure with Jeff Oster, Vin Downes, Tom Eaton Streaming on

Departure: Oster, Eaton, DownesWhat is Departure?They don’t have an album out. They’ve only played 2 gigs, and one of them was their concert on Echoes.They didn’t even have an ensemble name when they played and 2 of the three pieces they performed didn’t have titles. Yet, this isn’t some band of unknowns who snuck into Echoes. This is veteran horn player Jeff Oster, who has several solo albums and a couple of CD of the  Month Picks including Surrender;  keyboardist and bassist Tom Eaton who has a pair of fine ambient albums out and guitarist Vin Downes, who also has solo recordings and is Will Ackerman’s sometime guitar tech.. As the ultimately named, Departure, they create an improvised ambient fusion. Their set on Echoes? That should be an album. A track from it appears on our album, Victoria Place: Echoes Live 23Now you can hear the whole concert right here.


In Concert:
Departure (Jeff Oster, Tom Eaton, Vin Downes)
Departure (Vin Downes)
Song for Echoes #2
Unexpected Guest

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