Monday, Apr 22, 2024 – Earth Day 2024 Soundscape

An Echoes Earth Day 2024 Soundscape Featuring Jill Haley.

Earth Day 2024

It’s the sound of the planet on the next Echoes as we celebrate Earth Day 2024. We’ll hear music inspired by the vistas and life on earth, as well as music made from the sounds of the earth.  A lot of artists use aspects of nature as imagery, many use the sounds of nature. Some are just inspired by it, none more so than oboist, pianist and composer Jill Haley. For the last 15 years Jill has been taking up residencies in national parks and writing music from the experience. We’ll hear a suite drawn from a few of her nine National Park Soundscape releases. It’s part of An Earth Day soundscape on Echoes.

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