Wordless Echoes – Eclipse 2024

Four hours of continuous music for the solar eclipse.

Wordless Echoes – Eclipse 2024

Solar Eclipse Soundscape

Four hours of continuous, uninterrupted music for the 2024 solar eclipse, as the moon casts a shadow across the earth, and then the sun re-emerges, returning us to a bright spring day. A few vocals might sneak in, but it’s a mostly-instrumental soundscape!

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Wordless Echoes – Eclipse 2024
0:00:00 Le Morte d’Abby Eclipse In Those Days
0:07:07 Michael Beharie Eclipse Promise
0:09:48 Air Moon Fever Le Voyage Dans La Lune
0:13:10 Normandie Moon and Sun Time Lapse
0:20:13 John Gregorius Light In Awe
0:23:56 King Crimson Moonchild Including (The Dream And The Illusion) In The Court Of The Crimson King
0:35:54 Steve Tibbetts Full Moon Dogs Hellbound Train
0:44:52 Steve Roach Consumed by Sunlight Spiral Meditations
0:52:35 Normandie Moon and Sun (Sine Remix) Chillbar Vol. 4 (v/a)
0:58:26 Emerald Web Eclipse Manatee Dreams of Neptune
1:02:58 E.T. Total Eclipse Further Beyond Six Strings (v/a)
1:06:54 Tom Caufield Penumbra Collaboratia
1:10:13 Ian Boddy Ecliptic Chaismata
1:17:08 Adam Shaikh Journey to the Sun Journey to the Sun
1:30:45 Solitaire Eclipse Nocturnes and Fearless
1:42:13 Shpongle And the Day Turned to Night Eclipse
1:59:41 Tom Eaton In the Shadow Twenty-Two: Collected Singles, 2021-2022
2:05:30 Katherine de Rosset The Eclipse The Tower
2:10:28 Dead Can Dance Children of the Sun Anastasis
2:17:52 All India Radio Dark Star The Slow Light
2:20:42 Dave Bessell Darkening Air Chromatic Lightning Cage
2:27:57 Bill Nelson My Shadow Cast By Midnight Moon Stand By: Light Coming…
2:33:40 Hollan Holmes Darkness and Light Prayer to the Energy
2:38:35 Darkness Falls Darkness Falls Dance and Cry
2:41:12 Der Waldläufer Eclipse Illumina Wanderlust
2:45:06 Michael Brook Lightstar Bell Curve
2:53:48 Naming Ghosts The Light and Shadow Show Naming Ghosts
2:59:45 The Album Leaf Dark Become Light Forward Return
3:04:41 Colleen Eclipse Captain of None
3:08:26 Rovo & System 7 Eclipse (System 7 Phoenix Rising Version) Hinotori E.P.
3:17:47 Pink Floyd Any Colour You Like The Dark Side of the Moon
3:21:13 Pink Floyd Brain Damage The Dark Side of the Moon
3:25:00 Pink Floyd Eclipse The Dark Side of the Moon
3:26:31 Transponder Totality Empire of the Eclipse
3:32:42 Dave Luxton Eclipse (feat. Sean O’Bryan Smith) Eclipse
3:38:23 mmeadows Light Moves Around You Light Moves Around You
3:43:20 Ólafur Arnalds Undan Hulu (From Behind Shadows) _..And They Have Escaped the Weight of Darkness
3:48:11 Paul Winter Sun Singer Light of the Sun