Podcast: Quiet Resonance and Big Ears Fest

Echoes Podcast: The Ministry of Quiet Resonance and Ashley Capps Opens Our Big Ears

Quiet Resonance

It’s Quiet Resonance on the next Echoes when we talk to Tony Pounders. As Quiet Resonance, he composes guitar orchestrations that range from ambient to pastoral to pure space. He also has another side to his life that might surprise you. He’s from Mississippi, a place with a deep musical heritage but not a fountain of ambient, electronic or new age music. If you love Jeff Pearce, Suss and Lanterna you may want to hear Quiet Resonance.  He made our year end Best of Echoes Top 30 in 2024. He’s just released a new album, Endless Beginnings. John Diliberto goes to church to talk to Quiet Resonance in the Echoes Podcast.


Quiet Resonance – Frostbite – Snow Blind
Quiet Resonance – Hialeah – Flight Patterns
Quiet Resonance – Days to Months Before – Behave
Rush – A Farewell to Kings – A Farewell to Kings
Quiet Resonance – Expanse – Someplace Else
Quiet Resonance – Schooner – Coastal
Def Leppard – Hysteria – Hysteria
Quiet Resonance – Prospects for Wisdom – Prospects for Wisdom
Quiet Resonance – Managua – Flight Patterns
Quiet Resonance – Run – Duck Fat Fries
Quiet Resonance – Duck Fat Fries – Duck Fat Fries
Quiet Resonance – Falling Upward – Prospects for Wisdom

It’s Big Ears on the next Echoes. We’ll talk to founder Ashley Capps about the Big Ears Festival 2024, which includes performances from Laurie Anderson, King Britt, Andre 3000, Laraaji, Roger Eno and about 200 more. This is a mammoth festival in Knoxville that ranges from singer-songwriters to avant-garde string quartets to electronic artists to free jazz and multiple intersections of all those things. And you can’t see all of the 200 or so acts so leave FOMO behind.

Ashley Capps: That to me, John, is the secret of the festival. And it’s kind of an interesting metaphor for our world of distraction that we live in every day, where so many things are pulling you in so many different directions. But ultimately, satisfaction emerges from being in the moment and completely engaged in whatever situation you happen to find yourself in.

If you’ve got big ears, join us in the Echoes Podcast.

Read John Diliberto’s Path Through Big Ears Festival 2024


Kronos Quartet – The Cusp of Magic – Terry Riley: The Cusp of Magic
King Britt – Beyond the Sun – Fhloston Paradigm
Andre 3000 – I Swear, I Really Wanted to Make a Rap Album But This is Literally the Way the Wind Blew Me This Time – New Blue Sun
Andre 3000 – BuyPoloDisorder’s Daughter Wears a 3000 Shirt Embroidered – New Blue Sun
King Brit – Back2Black – Back2Black
Carl Craig – Return by Victoria Fleet Remix – Single
Laurie Anderson – O Superman – Big Science
Laurie Anderson – From the Air – Big Science
Brad Mehldau – Paranoid Android – Largo
Charles Lloyd – The Sky Will Still Be There Tomorrow -The Sky Will Still Be There Tomorrow
Herbie Hancock – Maiden Voyage – Maiden Voyage
Herbie Hancock – Chameleon – Headhunters
Herbie Hancock _Court and Spark – River: The Joni Letters
Tord Gustavsen – The Gift – Extended Circle
Henry Threadgill’s Very Very Circus – Hope A Hope – Sprit of Nuff . . .Nuff
Suzi Analogue – Time To – Boom
Secret Chiefs 3 – Vajra – Book M
Adrianne Lenker – Cradle – abysskiss
Charles lloyd – Booker’s Garden – The Sky Will Still Be There Tomorrow
Colleen – The Crossin – The Tunnel and the Clearing



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