Tuesday, Jan 16, 2024 – Echoes Program 2403B

The Intoxicating world Fusion of Opium Moon: The Echoes Interview

Today we journey into world fusion with Opium Moon. This is the Grammy winning ensemble who are part of a new wave of artists fusing sounds from the Middle east. Their music taps the overtly sensual sounds of this region. But Opium Moon’s Lili Hadyn says it’s all about the spirit.

Lili Hayden: Honestly, it’s all about flow. We’re letting the spirit move through us and if it’s coming though in a more sensual way, god bless. And if it comes in more of a sacred way than similarly.

We talk to this ensemble which includes acclaimed Canadian-American violinist violinist Lili Haydn, Iranian-American santurist Hamid Saeidi, American percussionist MB Gordy and Israeli-American bass guitarist Itai Disraeli.  Their new album is Where We Are Gathered. There has, perhaps never been a better time for their music of unity. Hear it tonight on Echoes from PRX.


Opium Moon – Time and Tide – Where We Are Gathered
Opium Moon – Wisdom – Night + Day
Opium Moon – When Their Wings – Night + Day
Opium Moon – Gravity=Love – Opium Moon
Opium Moon – Feast of Sevens – Night + Day
Opium Moon – Metta Prayer – Where We Are Gathered
Opium Moon – Through the Ages –Where We Are Gathered 
Opium Moon – Woman Life Freedom – Where We Are Gathered 
Opium Moon – The Mystery – Where We Are Gathered
Opium Moon – Back to the Beginning – Where We Are Gathered
Opium Moon – Through the Ages –Where We Are Gathered 
Opium Moon – Of Kiss and Wing –Where We Are Gathered 

Tuesday, January 16, 2024 – Echoes Program 2403B
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Start Time

Group Name

Song Name

Album Name

First Half Hour

0:01:00 Mazzy Star California Seasons of Your Day
0:06:00 Pangaea Projekt First Snow Winter Vol. IX
0:10:13 Thomas Lemmer and Oine Confidence Confidence (Single)
0:14:38 Cigarettes After Sex Motion Picture Soundtrack (MIX4) Motion Picture Soundtrack (Single)
0:19:28 Mary Fahl Beware of Darkness Can’t Get It Out of My Head
0:22:46 Bill Nelson A Wide Open Window (With A View Of The Stars) Starlight Stories

Second Half Hour

0:30:00 Opium Moon-Feature
0:45:53 Opium Moon Through the Ages Where We are Gathered
0:50:08 Dub Spencer & Trance Hill Trance Plane (Original Version) Imago Cells

Third Half Hour

1:01:00 Mark Holland & Sherry Finzer Leaving All Shadows Behind Somewhere New
1:06:00 Twilight Archive The Divining Rod Mood Chain
1:11:32 Magenta Dusk Youth Last Light
1:15:19 Ruichi Sakamoto Monster 2 Monster (OST)
1:17:47 Myrkur Mothlike Spine
1:21:48 Moby Inside Play

Fourth Half Hour

1:30:00 Syndromeda Four Liftoff to Infinity
1:39:15 Mercury Rev Parchman Farm (Feat. Carice Van Houten) Bobbie Gentry’s The Delta Sweete Revisited
1:42:37 Martina Topley-Bird Anything Anything
1:47:00 break
1:47:53 Michelle Qureshi Electric Blue A Day on Venus
1:50:40 Searows End of the World End of the World [EP]
1:54:28 One Alternative Deep Pendulum


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