Monday, Jan 8, 2024 – A Snow Shrouded Landscape

Bluetech and Taylor Swift are in the Blizzard of A Snow Shrouded Landscape on Echoes

A Snow Shrouded Landscape

I know, you thought the Holiday season was over so winter music was gone, but no. Echoes is still in a chilled winter mood, especially since we got our first real snow of the season. So we’ve got a snowtrack for you to put you in the idealized side of that wintry mood. It will include The Great Northern’s “Winter’s Walk,” Bluetech’s “Crystalline Forms,” Taylor Swift’s “Snow on the Beach,” Pangaea Projekt’sWinter Vol. IX,” Mary Fahl’s “Winter Songs and Carols” (but no carols,) Thomas Lemmer’s “Arctica (Lukas Midub Remix)” and more. It’s a Nor’easter on A Snow Shrouded Landscape on the next Echoes from PRX.

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  1. We’ve had mini snows here in Illinois but a big one is on it’s way. I’m ambivalent about it. Love watching it fall and the opportunity for nice photo’s. Love being cozy and brings appreciation for a home with heat and hot water whever we want it. A miracle really. But the trapped feeling is the downer….that’s when it’s time for lights and exercise

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