Monday, Jan 1, 2024 – Best of Echoes 2023

From Ambient to Dream Pop: The Best Albums of 2023 on Echoes

Before we completely leave 2023 behind, today we look back once more at the Best of Albums of 2023 on Echoes.  It was such a good year with artists like BT, Steve Roach and Amaara making the cut to the final 30.  On line, we’ve got a list of the top 30, and today I’ll give you the top 23. It’s a list that reflects most areas of the Echoes Soundscape from dream pop to space music. There are chamber music groups and computer DJs. Some of these musicians were actually born with Echoes, like Mark Dwane who released another great album, The Utopian Paradigm. I love making these lists because it really makes you think about things like innovation: which artists are pushing the envelope; Which artists really speak to your heart. That answer will be different for everybody, but today, these are ours. John Diliberto rewinds the Best of 2023 on Echoes from PRX.

See the Complete list Best Albums of 2023 Top 30 Here.
On-Line Subscribers can hear the complete Top 30 list of Best Albums of 2023 on Echoes here.

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