Echoes Podcast II: Steve Roach & Robert Rich

Steve Roach & Robert Rich's Tangerine Dream Experience: The Echoes Interview

In this Echoes Podcast episode, I’ve got a special interview with two icons of Echoes who recently played with another icon of Echoes.  Tangerine Dream recently toured the US and in several cities, they invited specials guest to perform with them in the improvised encore segment that they call Sessions. In Tucson and San Diego, they picked Steve Roach. In San Francisco, Robert Rich.  Of course, both musicians cite Tangerine Dream as major influence and in Roach’s case they are heroes. But this is not the band they originally heard, but later artists who picked up the mantel and spirit of the group.  Roach and Rich could actually be fathers of the current line-up. So, I had a lot of questions because, even though this isn’t the classic line-up, it is still fucking Tangerine Dream!!!!  And they are making great music right now. It’s a great conversation.

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  1. When Steve’s set with TG started and Tom Cruise’s voice came up with his narration of his dream, I kinda thought that what they were doing was an evolved rendition of “ Love in a real train”. Regardless it was an amazing set.

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