Echoes Podcast II: Tangerine Dream 2023

The Dream Continues-The Echoes Tangerine Dream 2023 Interview: Echoes Podcast

Tangerine Dream

The future is now when we talk to Tangerine Dream.  This iconic, innovative band is still going after more than 50 years even if nobody from the 70s, 80, or 90s era of the wired ensemble are still in it. Founder Edgar Froese died in 2015, but before he did, he anointed Thorsten Quaschning and Hoshiko Yamane as official carriers of the dream torch and they added Paul Frick. This trio are taking the group to new explorations while honoring the early roots of the band. Their latest album is Raum, which translates as “space” or “room”.  They explain it all when John Diliberto talks to them about their new directions and their loyalty to the Tangerine Dream spirit, in the Echoes Podcast.

Tangerine Dream 2023 Feature Playlist

Tangerine Dream – Portico – Raum
Tangerine Dream – Stratosfear – Stratosfear
Tangerine Dream – The Call – Supernormal: The Australian Concerts 2014
Tangerine Dream – Wisdom and Tragedy – Supernormal: The Australian Concerts 2014
Tangerine Dream – Electron Bonfire – Quantum Gate
Tangerine Dream – 9:12pm Session – IJ Edit – The Sessions V
Tangerine Dream – It Is Time to Leave When Everyone Is Dancing – Quantum Gate
Tangerine Dream – In 265 Zeichen – Raum
Tangerine Dream – Raum – Raum
Tangerine Dream – Phaedra 2014 – Recurring Dreams
Tangerine Dream – 11:15am Session/Refattastrecke – The Sessions V
Tangerine Dream – You’re Always on Time – Raum


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