Echoes Podcast: SUSS & Balmorhea

Echoes Podcast: Ambiences from the Heartland: SUSS & Balmorhea: The Echoes Interviews

SUSS - Live at Big Ears 2023

The Ambient Country band SUSS struggles with loss and finds a way to be reborn. After co-founding member Gary Lieb died, they had to reevaluate not only their existence, but their sound. Their new double album, SUSS, tracks their journey from union to loss to renewal.  John Diliberto talks to SUSS about hidden rhythms, loss, and where the twang went on Echoes from PRX. See the playlist for their feature below.


Balmorhea was one of the early bands who we called ambient Americana chamber music. Hailing originally out of Austin Texas, they had that wide open plains sound, but set in a classical mood. They’ve been favorites on the show since we discovered their defacto debut album, Rivers Arms in 2008, released on the adventurous Western Vinyl label. The classical was already becoming more dominant by the time they signed to the venerable German label, Deutsche Grammophon. They released their debut there, The Wind, in 2021 and this year put out their second release, Pendant World. We talk to founders Rob Lowe and Michael Muller tonight on Echoes from PRX.


Artist – Title – Album
SUSS – Gallup, NM – SUSS
SUSS – Shimmer – SUSS
SUSS – Grace – SUSS
SUSS – Flagstaff, AZ – SUSS
SUSS – Across the Horizon – SUSS
Ennio Morricone – The Good, The Bad and the Ugly – The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
Brian Eno – 11-1 – Music for Airports
SUSS – The First Thaw – SUSS
SUSS – Linger- SUSS
SUSS – Shimmer Reflection – SUSS
SUSS – Northwind – SUSS
SUSS – The open Door- SUSS


Artist – Title – Album
Balmorhea – Elsewhere – Pendant World
Balmorhea – Evening – The Wind
Balmorhea – New Conditions – Pendant World
Balmorhea – Nonplussed – Pendant World
Balmorhea – Oscuros – Pendant World
Balmorhea – Step Step Step – Pendant World
Balmorhea – Fire Song – Pendant World
Balmorhea – Held – Pendant World
Balmorhea – The Bright Door – Pendant World


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