Wednesday, Aug 23, 2023 – Robert Rich’s 60th

Robert Rich's 60th

Robert Rich

We celebrate the 60th birthday of Robert Rich. He’s been part of the electronic music universe for over 40 years.
We’ve been remembering a lot of musicians who have left the planet this year. But today, I want to celebrate someone who is still one it, Robert Rich. He turns 60 today. It’s hard to think of Echoes over the last 3 decades without the music of Robert Rich. He has forged on of the most distinctive sounds in electronic music, electronic, but organic, cerebral but sensual, melodic without conventional melodic form. Sleep Concerts, minimalism, space music, techno tribal, philosophical explorations and fantasy extravagances, these are just some of the domains of Robert Rich. Today we celebrate his 60th birthday, on August 23 with a profile and some music.

Hear right now at Echoes On-Line

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