Weekend, July 8-9, 2023 – Amaara CD of the Month

Echoes July CD of the Month: Child of Venus by Amaara

Amaara-Kaelen Ohm-Child photo with star painted on face

Hear the July CD of the Month, Child of Venus by Amaara, the music alias of actress Kaelen Ohm from the TV shows Hit and Run and From. As Amaara, she explores her turmoil, psychedelic therapy and hauntingly beautiful dream pop. She does it in a voice that is mature and deep, with an assurance that is often missing from the wispier dream pop singers. We’ve had this album since November of 2022, waiting for it to finally be released and we are thrilled to have you experience Amaara’s Child of Venus, Echoes July CD of the Month on tonight’s Echoes.
Read John Diliberto’s review here.
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Echoes Ambient Americana Soundscape

Some weekend listeners will also journey into twanguility with an Ambient Americana Soundscape. It’s country and western distilled though Brian Eno ambiences, but still with that country twang. After the fireworks, chill your mind with John Diliberto on an Echoes Ambient Americana Soundscape from PRX.

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