Weekend, May 27-28, 2023 – Ladytron & Shana Cleveland

Ladytron Interview and Shana Cleveland Live This Weekend on Echoes

The electronic pop of Ladytron. We talk to this band from England who have been creating electrified pop sounds for all of the 21st Century. They released their latest album, the introspective Time’s Arrow, early in 2023. Their 2005 song, “Seventeen” became a TikTok sensation in 2021. Ladytron’s Helen Marnie and Daniel Hunt tell us their story and about their latest album, Time’s Arrow. Whatever you do, don’t call it a post-pandemic album.


Ladyton – You Never Went Away – Time’s Arrow
Ladyton – Sargasso Sea – Time’s Arrow
Ladyton – Mu-Tron – 604
Ladyton – Another Breakfast with You – 604
Roxy Music – Ladytron – Roxy Music
Ladyton – Blue Jeans – Light & Magic
The Normal – Warm Leatherette – Warm Leatherette/TVOD SIngle
Ladyton – True Mathematics – Light & Magic
Kraftwerk – Trans-Europe Express – Trans-Europe Express
Ladyton – He Took Her to A Movie – He Took Her to A Movie single
Kraftwerk – The Model – The Man-Machine
Ladyton – Misery Remember Me – Time’s Arrow
Ladyton – Flight from Angkor – Time’s Arrow
Ladyton – City of Angels – Time’s Arrow
Ladyton – California – Time’s Arrow
Ladyton – Seventeen – Light & Magic
Ladyton – Time’s Arrow – Time’s Arrow

Experience the intimate music of La Luz singer and guitarist Shana Cleveland when she plays live on Echoes.  Playing music from her solo release, Manzanita, each song carries Shana’s unique blend of folk, indie, and dreamy pop.  She comes in with her full band to bring us her haunting sound.


Shana Cleveland – A Ghost (Live) Manzanita
Shana Cleveland – Gold Tower (Live) Manzanita
Shana Cleveland – Walking Through the Morning Dew (Live) Manzanita
Shana Cleveland – Quick Winter Sun (Live) Manzanita
Shana Cleveland – Faces in the Firelght  (Live) Manzanita

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