Wordless Echoes: Toward the Sun

A Wordless Echoes for lengthening days and crystal-clear nights.

A continuous instrumental soundscape for lengthening days and crystal-clear nights.

Wordless Echoes – Toward the Sun
Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name
0:00:00 Chad Lawson Towards The Sun Re: Piano
0:04:46 Tom Moore & Sherry Finzer A Sound Traveler’s Dream Sound Currents
0:09:49 Michael Gulezian Orchard Whispering To Winter Sky Thunder Heaven Light
0:16:26 Thaneco The Phaistos Disc The Cretan Tapes
0:24:00 Rob Burger Harmonious Gathering The Grid
0:29:24 Eve Maret My Own Pace No More Running
0:32:19 Ian Boddy Apostasy Altair
0:48:00 Haythem Mahbouli Moments That Remain Catching Moments in Time
0:54:56 Ludovico Einaudi Low Mist Var. 2 Seven Days Walking Day One
1:00:16 Thomas Lemmer & Christoph Sebastian Pabst Pastellstrand Meerblick
1:05:38 Syndromeda Last Days on Earth Last Days on Earth
1:27:36 Chuck Van Zyl Enceladus Part2 Live on Star’s End 08.26.18
1:46:40 Scott August Shadow of Time Beyond Summer
1:51:32 Noya Godwin Jurjendal The Big Slow Part 1 (Greenlands) Samliku
1:56:47 Robert Linton Gliding The Current Adrift In Wonder
2:01:09 House Of Waters Wedding Song Rising
2:07:06 Mary Lattimore It Feels Like Floating Hundreds of Days
2:18:02 Djam Karet A Sky Full Of Stars For A Roof A Sky Full Of Stars For A Roof
2:27:56 Toby Marks & Andrew Heath In Air On Water (North) Motion
2:41:30 Massergy Cold White Smoke Fire Opal
2:58:37 Tom Eaton Genezen How It Happened
3:11:15 Bluetech Lusitania Sci-Fi Lullabies
3:16:14 Kidso Silent Apart
3:20:28 Naneum Sonar Open Sea
3:23:46 The Amnis Initiative Collision Course Identity
3:32:17 Gunnar Spardel A Walk Among The Jack Pines Simplicity In A Complex World

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