Weekend, Mar 25-26, 2023 – Royal Arctic Inst/Steve Roach

The Royal Arctic Institute Live & Steve Roach Interview This Weekend on Echoes.

The Royal Arctic Institute isn’t a science organization, although two of the members are in the medical field. This quintet is creating an atmospheric, guitar-centric sound, like the Ventures gone slow-mo and psychedelic. It is a subtly ambient sound with elements of shoegaze, country and more, creating an imaginary landscape.  Hear an exclusive live performance with the Royal Arctic Institute as they perform music off their EP, From Come to Catharsis, this weekend  on Echoes from PRX.

Steve Roach & Linda Kohanov

In 1984 Steve Roach released what remains one of his two best known recordings, Structures from Silence. Now, nearly 40 years later he returns to that sound on the album, Rest of Life. It’s a double CD of mostly quiet and deep ruminations.  There’s no digeridoos or modular synthesizers, but there is the electric violin of his wife, Linda Kohanov. From their home in the Arizona desert, they talk about revisiting the spirit of Roach’s Structures from Silence, and horses.

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