Echoes Podcast: Klaus Schulze 1982 Interview Pt.2

Klaus Schulze: The Complete Totally Wired Interview Part Two.

In this Podcast, the second part of our two-part 1982 interview with Klaus Schulze. He’s an Icon of Echoes, an Icon of Electronic Music and an icon period. All three are German electronic composer Klaus Schulze. He left the planet last year on April 26, but from 1969 until that date, he released hundreds of albums and shaped a generation of electronic artists including Steve Roach, Jean-Michel Jarre, Hans Zimmer, and many more. I have an interview with Schulze recorded in 1982 at his home in what was then West Germany. I talked with him for about three hours, and today, we’ll hear part two of that interview.

Albums like Moondawn, Timewind, X, and more, provided the soundtrack for many an imaginary movie during those years. There was something about the pulsing sequencers, free form, note-bending Moog solos, and spiraling, Escher-like architecture that spoke of a world outside of conventional rock or classical music. For artists like Steve Roach, Klaus Schulze was life-changing.

 The first time I heard Timewind, it was the classical mystical experience, like a drug experience or near death experience. He had and continues to have a very significant influence on the music. -Steve Roach

Just imagine being ensconced in plush couches, dim lighting, and the blinking lights of a giant Moog Modular, racks of keyboards and the haze of Klaus’s ever-present cigarettes. Then settle in for this 86 minute interview,

Hear our obituary feature on Klaus Schulze here.


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