Echoes Podcast: Ashley Capps Big Ears

Sound Unbound: Big Ears Festival Preview with Ashley Capps in Echoes Podcast

Big Ears Festival Preview with Ashley Capps

In the echoes Podcast a preview of the Big Ears Festival 2023. Founder Ashley Capps had his musical epiphany with The Mothers of Invention and their second album, Absolutely Free which, like all early albums from Frank  Zappa, had the Edgar Varese quote, “The modern day composer refuses to die.”  Capps took that to heart with his musical exploration and Big Ears Festival in Knoxville, TN.   He tells us about some highlights of the line-up that includes John Zorn, Morton Subotnick, Charles Lloyd, Bill Frisell and Ibeyi and more. Open your ears wide on Echoes from PRX.

Big Ears Festival 2023 Feature Playlist

Gyan Riley – High Tide – Shelter in Space
Oneohtrix Point Never – Cross Talk – Magic Oneohtrix Point Never
Catarina Barbieri – At Your Gamut – Spirit Exit
Edgar Varese – Déserts – Pierre Boulez: Carter: Symphony of 3 Orchestras/Varese: Déserts, Equatorial, Hyperprism
Mothers of Invention – Eric Dolphy Memorial Barbecue – Weasels Ripped My Flesh
Ibeyi – Sangoma – Spell 31
John Zorn – Mo’ed – Bar Kokhba
John Zorn – Acanthopis Antarcticus – John Zorn’s Cobra Live at the Knitting Factory
Painkiller – Morning of Balachaturdasi – Execution Ground
Bill Frisell – Lookout for Hope – Four
Charles Lloyd – Blood Count – Chapel: Trio
Sun Ra Arkestra – Ra #2 – Live at Babylon
Morton Subotnick – Touch Pt.1 – Touch/Jacob’s Room
King Britt – Beyond the Sun – Fhloston Paradigm
Kate NV – Marafon – Room for the Moon
Oneohtrix Point Never – No Nightmares – Magic Oneohtrix Point Never
Carl Stone – Umi – We Jazz Works, Vol.2

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